This class includes everything you need to know about the world's most popular cocktail ingredient--bitters!

* A history of bitters and their link to Victorian medicine.
* A bitters tasting of two classic bitters, as well as a taste of our barman, Mat Garofalo's own creations. We'll talk about classic bitters makers, as well as new brands.
* Tips on how and when to use bitters and where to buy. 
* Learn to make classic cocktails with bitters and a few of 50 Local's own.
* Believe it or not, bitters has health benefits - learn what it ills it can cure!

Impress your friends and improve your cocktails by understanding this complex, versatile, and historic "liquid spice."

The class is scheduled for Sunday, March, 24 @ 5:00pm. $45 per person (must be 21 years of age to attend).

Seats are limited so save your spot by calling 50 Local at 207.985.0850 or purchase direct at: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4073001


With the rise in popularity of the cocktail as well as every bar you pass boasting craft cocktails and filling their shelves with less glassware and more exotic and rare spirits, it’s hard to know exactly what is in your drink and what you are consuming. The amaro, Italy’s bittersweet elixir is a category of liquor that most have heard of but few know anything about. This class will get you up to date on everything you want to know about drinks and concoctions designed to enjoy post-meal.

Along with a tasting including amari and fortified wines, we will go over the process by which these spirits are created, the regions and history of them, and their use in classic and modern cocktails.

Everyone will make a cocktail that showcases a delicious digestif and receive a recipe card containing several classic and signature cocktails that can easily be made at home or brought to a party to enjoy and impress.

You will leave this class with a good understanding of a lot of those bottles that you have seen behind your favorite bars so many times but have been unsure about the contents.  

The class is scheduled for Sunday, April, 21  @ 5:00pm. $45 per person (must be 21 years of age to attend).

Seats are limited so save your spot by calling 50 Local at 207.985.0850 or purchase direct at:https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4073009


If you are one who loves sitting at the bar over taking a table, if you prefer a perfectly mixed drink over an extra hoppy beer, if you love the idea of craft cocktails but are overwhelmed by the abundance of information and the vast amounts of cocktails, both classic and modern, then this class with be a great leg up to get you on your way to being the go-to cocktail maker with your friends and family.

In this class you will get a good overview and the basic bullet points on what you need in order to have a versatile and functional bar at home without breaking the bank. Looking at a fully stocked bar at a restaurant can be intimidating but there’s no need to spend more than $200 to get your house ready for entertaining and impressing guests.

We will cover what bar tools you need, what recipe books to invest in, different bitters to have around, specific liquor descriptions and recommendations, as well as over 20 cocktails, and their recipes, that can be made by having the right combination of bottles around the house.

Each person will make two of their own cocktails to get some practice and technique.

The class is scheduled for Sunday, May, 19 @ 5:00pm. $45 per person (must be 21 years of age to attend).

Seats are limited so save your spot by calling 50 Local at 207.985.0850 or purchase direct: THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Private and group cooking classes are available with 50 Local Chef David Ross & Chef de Cuisine, Tyler Laroche. Classes can be customized and catered to your interests and dietary needs or restrictions. Special courses can include: foraging for your own food and learning to create a meal with the ingredients, vegetarian or vegan dishes, pastry and desserts, Asian street food, local Maine favorites and more.


Private & group cocktail classes are also available with our master bartender, Mat Garofalo.   Mat can teach you to impress your friends at home by showing you how to perfect the classics.  We can also customize the class around your interests.  

Please contact us for more information and to book a class: merrileep@gmail.com