PORK BUTCHERY 101- Saturday March 25 @ 10am

In this class, participants learn hands-on knife skills and butchery techniques from our Chef de Cuisine, Alex Leblanc. Throughout a nose-to-tail butchery demo of a pig from Wyndswept Farm in Limerick, Maine, we’ll review anatomy and cooking tips; learn how to break down, debone and skin properly; and discuss sourcing pasture-raised pork sustain-ably in today’s food system. Learn where your favorites cuts sit on the animal, and discover pieces you never knew existed. Nothing connects you closer to your food quite like this experience.

This is a hands-on workshop.  At the end of class we’ll cheers with a complimentary glass of bubbles, as well as devour delicious foods prepared in our kitchen.  A cut of meat will be given as a party favor to all participants.

Space is limited as we have a smallish kitchen, Reservations can be made by calling us directly at 207.985.0850 or through our website. 
Price per person is $85.
We hope you will join us!


Private and group cooking classes are available with 50 Local Chef David Ross & Chef de Cuisine, Alex LeBlanc. Classes can be customized and catered to your interests and dietary needs or restrictions. Special courses can include: foraging for your own food and learning to create a meal with the ingredients, vegetarian or vegan dishes, pastry and desserts, Asian street food, local Maine favorites and more.

Please contact us for more information and to book a class: